About Lattepapa

Latte papa is a Swedish term, meaning a dad who is taking time out to look after his child.

Hello, my name is Philip. Until recently I was working with politicians at a large council in the north, but I’ve temporarily put a hold on paid work to care for my daughter.

I’m going to use this blog to keep my analytical skills sharp and hopefully to say things of interest and relevance on policy, politics and society.

I have an academic background in looking at economic policy making and an interest in social security, housing and local government. But I’m more likely than not to talk about whatever catches my fancy when the baby is having a nap.

I’m not a lawyer and won’t give legal advice and I’m not receiving any income for this blog. I’ll point out if anyone ever sends me anything for free, but it hasn’t happened yet and I can’t see it happening in the future!

Please feel free to contact me here.