This is London calling


Housing need- a fudge sandwich?

Blimey- build, councils build!

Big numbers for the big players

Promotion from the conference?

Balance, imbalance and the politics of planning

Housing: weak

Commercial property- Bizarro ft. Brassneck

Po-tay-to, Po-taa-to, Letwin’s latest

Universal creditors

The wood from the trees

Khan we fix it everywhere?

Presenting and incorrect?

The first green paper of spring

And still high rise

WRAGs or riches

Inviolable viability

Build to rent or build to build?

Social careless talk costs

Rough sleeping and smooth sailing

The long tail of affordable housing and how it can wag again

Empty homes, vacant stats and a bugbear


Assessed need and its objectification

Numbers and numbness

Please please please Letwin get what I want

Paint, power, priorities and priority

Until the PIP squeaks

Supported housing- details, details, details

Budging the Budget

UBS again

Blurring the universal

Delving into devolution

Help (for whom?) to buy (what?)

The choke chain

You break it, you OAN it

Complexity, simplification and reality

Hello! Hej! Hi!